Why The Holiday Season Is a Great Time To Consider a New Job Opportunity

Posted on December 01, 2018 | TAGS: Holidays, Job Search

Why The Holiday Season Is a Great Time To Consider a New Job Opportunity - Princeton Consulting

The holiday season is upon us and many people are sitting tight, waiting on bonuses, have travel plans and really aren't thinking about new career paths.

This seems reasonable, but consider this, it is actually one of the best times to look:

1. Firms that are looking to hire are serious about it. Come next quarter there may be more opportunities and firms have budgets for hires, but right now their needs are real and immediate. These firms may also consider buying out bonuses, and if you receive a base increase, you are getting more in your pocket each month that could easily cover your bonus (which could be good or bad anyway).

2. There is less competition. There are fewer candidates looking, so your chances are much better. Next quarter, after people have waited to see what their bonus will be and think of starting the New Year with a change, there is a flood of candidates and that means much greater competition. It could take you three times as long to get an offer or find the right role, and it certainly means much more time spent interviewing.

3. People are often in better moods. They may be more relaxed and full of a bit more holiday cheer and your interview could be less intense.

4. You can start your new job in a more relaxed environment. You can socialize with your new colleagues at the company parties and get to know them outside of work more easily.

These are just some of the reasons why now is great time to consider a new career path, the marketplace is busy and there are still some good opportunities to be found.

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