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The Princeton Group values the relationships with our clients and candidates and we work diligently to maintain a long-term union. Our firm is committed to providing value and empowerment for all parties and strives to bring integrity and professionalism to the process. In order to present  superior candidates and not lose sight of our clients' priorities, we focus on the details; the needs of our client vs. the path of our candidates. This view allows us to create relationships that are based on mutual benefit and will result in passionate employees with a constant drive for excellence. Our team specializes in the following employment fields.

Information Technology

Today’s society utilizes technology to provide for innovation and creativity in every aspect of our lives. Our curiosity and thirst for technology fuels the world with a knowledge base that allows the global economy to evolve each day. The evolution of business components in our landscape including the pharmaceutical, media, educational, social networking, and consumer industries all depend on technology as successful enterprises search for returns on investment in a business climate that drives for competitive innovation.

The Princeton Group understands our mission to add to the evolution of technology by supplying human capital that continues the ever challenging mission to create innovation. Our value added mission is to partner with clients to identify technology professionals who can aid core technology initiatives each day, whether those initiatives are strategic or tactical in nature. Our core competence in infrastructure, applications and systems development allows clients to support and manage core components of their businesses each day including accounting, revenue generation, legal and regulatory practices and business initiatives where technology is an integral component of any business unit or group.

Financial Technology

Financial modeling, quantitative analysis and development, buy and hold strategies, the generation of portfolio accounting tools and report generation are all elements of finance that demand technological excellence. Add to those core business components, business initiatives including risk, trade processing and government regulatory mandates and you have a complex computing environment that demands the best in-class talent.

Technology professionals today are proficient not only in developing computing solutions, but also skilled in complex business activities such as trading and the development of trading instruments. Modern day software developers in the financial world program intricate systems where knowledge and information is easily accessible in any atmosphere, including a fast paced ad hoc trading environment.

The Princeton Group is well aware that our financial world will continue to evolve and the thirst for risk and for new financial instruments will drive technology innovation as technology and the business world continue to move closer each day. Today, it is not uncommon for skilled technology professionals to move toward academic disciplines where MBAs and CFAs are part of technologists’ arsenal of knowledge.