Cloud and DevOps Architect

Requirements: Ansible, AWS, Azure, ci/cd, cloudformation, Devops, Google Cloud Platform, Python, terraform

Location:New York, NY

Job Type:Full Time

Salary: $150k - $250k

Description of Responsibilities

The evolution of cloud computing is transforming the next generation of technology and how we innovate. Products such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS have changed the landscape, creating tremendous opportunity for skilled engineers, architects, and senior level talent to drive this exciting new landscape. The process of creating server-less environments means automation, in addition to increased software driven monitoring and security methods.  We are a prominent asset management firm with a dedicated vision to revamping our technology stack to shape how we better run our business.  As we do this, we are looking to hire a number of cloud and devops engineers and architects to help us with venture.



·         5+ years of reliability, operation, and engineering experience – Linux, Windows, DevOps, Infrastructure, Network, Cyber

·         3+ years of experience with cloud – AWS, Azure, VMWare

·         Expertise in troubleshooting cloud environments – finding and fixing critical production issues

·         Practical experience with modern scripting languages – Python, Powershell, Perl, PHP, Shell

·         Experience implementing Infrastructure as Code – Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible etc..

·         Expertise in management and monitoring cloud tooling – cloudwatch, splunk, datadog, ELK, Prometheus, cloudtrail etc..

·         Experience with AIOps platforms to automate and shift-left operations functions

·         Experience supporting mission critical applications and infrastructure on a 24x7 basis

·         Working knowledge of cloud security principles and best practices

·         Working knowledge of cloud networking – DNS, SG, NACL, firewalls,

·         Expertise in driving good hygiene in cloud environments – in place patching, immutability, compliance monitoring (aws config), clean up of technical debt, IAM

·         Experience with a DevOps delivery model for infrastructure, applications, and configuration

·         Designing operational state to be policy and automation driven

·         Strong communication skills

·         Ability to multitask, work well under pressure and prioritize work against competing deadlines and changing business priorities

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