Cloud and Linux Platform Engineer

Requirements: AWS, ci/cd, cloud, Linux, Python, RedHat

Location:New York, NY

Job Type:Full Time

Salary: $200k - $300k

Description of Responsibilities

We are a growing systematic trading fund based in NYC looking to build out our Core Engineering team as we set our eyes and infra on cloud strategies.  In this role, you will design and architect our next generation cloud platform, ensuring all our internal engineering teams have access to the cloud on top of a performant, consistent, well-monitored, and secure cloud platform.  In addition to building the cloud platform, you’ll collaborate closely with engineering teams, helping their applications work well with the cloud. 


  • Manage and improve our current-generation cloud platform, leveraging scripting and automation tools 
  • Design and architect our next-generation public cloud platform 
  • Partner with engineering teams to understand their requirements and facilitate on-boarding of their applications onto our cloud platform 
  • Use devops and infrastructure as code methodologies to realize the cloud platform 
  • Work with on-prem systems engineers to seamlessly bridge on-prem Linux, storage, and network infrastructure with the cloud 
  • Coordinate changes to core public cloud infrastructure 


  • 5-10 years of systems engineering experience, with a Linux focus and including 2-6 years of work with highly relevant public cloud technology 
  • Excellent Linux systems administration, debugging, and problem-solving skills 
  • Significant experience with cloud infrastructure (preferably AWS), including automation, configuration management, and CI/CD 
  • Well-developed Python and bash programming skills 
  • Excellent planning skills 
  • Ownership mentality 
  • A customer-focused outlook 


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field from a strong academic program. 

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