Junior Site Reliability Engineer

Requirements: AWS, docker, grafana, Python, SRE, terraform

Location:New York, NY

Job Type:Full Time

Salary: $90k - $110k

Description of Responsibilities

The Junior SRE role is a critical part of our organization, building out reliable, scalable, and tested infrastructure.  This role will be involved with implementing security practices, deploying the platform, developing automation as much as possible, and providing value to all teams within the company through transparency. 


  • Write code to create, maintain and improve tooling designed to increase efficiency and automation within our environment
  • Create and manage a monitoring infrastructure which increases visibility into the health of our applications, as well as decreases overall response time.
  • Support a CI/CD Pipeline to enable automated testing for development code.
  • Push forward best practices in the security landscape, ensuring we are implementing industry standards as well as our own policies.
  • Participate in on-call rotation, troubleshooting production issues as they arise, and work closely with development teams to gain their insight and support in debugging.
  • Deploy production code to ensure the best customer experience.
  • Build infrastructure for both production environments as well as demo/staging/sandbox environments through code in a reliable, repeatable manner.  


  • Computer Science Bachelor's/Master's degree or equivalent practical experience
  • 1-2 years supporting a production environment.
  • Comfortable coding in Bash and at least one other language (Python, JavaScript Ruby, etc)
  • Experience building infrastructure in AWS, including Security Groups, VPCs, IAM, etc.
  • Docker knowledge with the understanding of creating docker containers
  • Knowledge of monitoring and alerting best practices
  • Knowledge of the benefits of using and building a CI/CD pipeline
  • Committed to well-tested code
  • Bonus points: You are an open source contributor or have side projects that you are proud of
  • Desire to automate as much of the day to day work as possible

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