Manager, DevOps Enablement

Requirements: AWS, ci/cd pipelines, Devops, docker, gitlab, jenkins , powershell, Python

Location:New York, NY

Job Type:Full Time

Salary: $250k - $275k

Description of Responsibilities

We are looking to hire an experienced player / coach that’s spent the last several years focused on infrastructure development (full DevOps / pipeline development tech stack), with experience across the full diameter of the CI / CD toolchain. Everything from code & commit, build and config, scan and test, and release and deploy. Ideal candidates will have experience with Windows,  Linux, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, Fargate, and the HashiStack. 

The role will be focused on DevOps enablement across a very diverse portfolio of products and services. This is where the complexity of the problem is defined. It’s easy to develop pipelines for homogeneous services deployed in a homogeneous operating environment. It’s much harder to do this for hundreds of discrete business systems, some of which are commercial and customized (or at least heavily parameterized), others that are based on open source technologies and extended, and in other cases it’s products we’ve developed from the ground up. Our long-term objective is a global CI/CD framework that is flexible enough to be leveraged across dozens of teams and hundreds of applications / services, all while being simple enough to manage securely and at scale. 

Other experience details (not a hard requirement to have all):

  • Experience with Build/Release pipeline automation with Gitlab or similar tooling 
  • Knowledge about best practices for running and building scalable and secure C#, Java-based and other languages and frameworks
  • Dockerizing a wide range of applications and services
  • Great communicator, as you will join an existing (and fast-growing) team of 200+ engineers with vastly different experiences and backgrounds.
  • Great analytical skills. You will focus on improving the overall system architecture, diagnosing bottlenecks and implementing recommendations based on the analyzed evidence
  • Passion for software craftsmanship and product. You have well-considered opinions about how software should work, and hold yourself and your code to a high standard
  • PowerShell Python /  Golang experience to support automation efforts and tools
  • Experience with AWS / CloudFormation /  Terraform

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**Unfortunately our client cannot sponsor visas at this time**

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