Senior Network Engineer

Requirements: Automation, Low Latency, Market Data, mpls, multicast, Network, Python

Location:New York, NY

Job Type:Full Time

Salary: $180k - $250k

Description of Responsibilities

We are a global hedge fund based in NYC, looking to hire a senior level network engineer. The ideal candidate will join an elite team of enterprise engineers with an aim to deploy high performance networks with extreme up-time requirements utilizing cutting edge network technologies.  This role will focus on all aspects of enterprise networking including data center, market data, co-lo, and end user environments.

Principal Responsibilities

This is a senior engineering role in enterprise networks with a focus on low latency technologies.  Balanced mix of project and operations across the electronic trading environment with support of Market Data, Trading, and co-lo design with extreme availability requirements

 Interface with app dev and high performance compute teams to continuously improve performance and stability of the network service.

 Serve as the innovation lead to research and bring new network technologies into the firm including wireless technologies, low latency transport, routing/switching, and compute technologies.

 Research, test, create, and maintain global networking standards

 Responsibilities include but are not limited to deploying, supporting, and troubleshooting the network infrastructure; documenting the IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures; and performing general user support. Applicants are expected to participate in after-hours work and an on-call rotation. 

 Qualifications/Skills Required

·         Expert in enterprise network technologies - including Multicast, ECMP, L2/L3, WAN/MAN design, expert in routing protocols (BGP, OSPF).   Expert in network hardware options and low latency switching.

·         Experience with Arista, Cisco, Metamako, and other low latency platforms.  Knowledge of FPGA and high performance compute technology is a plus

·         Must have fluency in Python and Bash. Knowledge of scripting to automate tasks

·         Demonstrable experience in a Linux environment, in finance or a similar industry

·         Knowledge of low latency transport vendors and solutions including fiber and microwave

·         Expert in low latency, time-stamping and clock accuracy.  Experience with Velocimetrics is a plus.

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