5 Signs That The Company You’re Interviewing For is a Good Match

Posted on February 16, 2018

5 Signs That The Company You’re Interviewing For is a Good Match - Princeton Consulting

The tech industry is brimming with opportunities. Every company needs an IT department, New York is the East Coast’s largest tech hub, and there’s no shortage of growth if you’re looking for a position in IT/tech. But with such a broad range of companies to choose from, how do you know if the one you’re interviewing for is a good match? Here are 5 things to look for:

Educational Opportunities

Because technology is an ever-evolving field, the most important aspect to building a successful career path is to constantly invest in your education. A company that demonstrates a desire in keeping you up-to-date with the latest advancements in your field, in addition to providing opportunities to help you expand and improve your skills, is vital to your career growth and a huge win on both sides. Such opportunities could include tuition reimbursement for graduate courses, training and reimbursement for IT certifications, tech workshops, and chances to attend tech conferences that keep you on top of emerging trends in the IT/tech industry.   


Whether it’s a colleague with a similar skill level, or a director with several years more experience, mentorship opportunities come in all shapes in sizes. While some companies offer employee-led mentorship programs, in the tech field you’re often left on your own or even working from a remote location. To find a mentor, look for those golden opportunities where you’ll be working with team, collaborating on projects, or getting feedback from others in your department. In many cases, your hiring manager will also be your direct supervisor, and if they like working closely with new hires, see this as a chance to learn from someone in your field who can really teach you about the work at hand, the company, and how to grow from your position.

Internal Growth/Promotion

One of the sure signs that a company values employees and their growth is if they offer opportunities for internal promotion. Take a look at senior executives and directors - were they brought on recently or did they work their way up within the company to fill these roles? If it’s the latter, then not only have you found a mentorship opportunity, but also a company that looks for strong candidates internally when making hiring decisions.

Unique Benefits/Perks

When you think of benefits, you’re probably thinking of things like a 401k, healthcare plan, and paid sick leave. Look for a company that is a great match for both your personal and professional life with unique benefits that stand apart from the rest. If you regularly use your cell phone as part of the job, do they offer any type of reimbursement for your data plan? If you take the subway to work everyday, does the company offer incentives for using public transportation or other “green” methods? Does the company invest in your health and wellness with perks like paid gym memberships or a company fitness challenge? When a company thinks outside of the box to offer employees unique benefits, they show a real interest in your personal happiness, and being happy at work makes you more productive.

Company Culture/Work Environment  

While career growth is your main ambition, personality and culture fit is often the biggest factor in whether or not the company is a good match. Is it a structured, corporate environment where you’re required to dress professionally every day, or a more casual, open-concept startup with a lot of young professionals? Is there an emphasis on team building with events, workshops, monthly happy hours, etc, or a more independent environment where you rarely get face time with co-workers? And most importantly - what is the company’s relationship to technology? If the IT department is just beginning to expand, then here’s a great opportunity to take part in building out an entire IT infrastructure. If the company is technology-driven and innovative, then you’re getting the opportunity to enhance your skills and work in an environment that fuels your ambition.

The biggest takeaway: your future is in your hands. If you have a technical skill set, passion for your field, and a desire advance in your career, contact us for a technical screening and learn more about opportunities that align with your interests and ambitions. When we bring candidates and employers together, we don’t settle for finding “the right fit.” We find the best match - on both sides.