How Clean is your Social Media Footprint?

Posted on September 07, 2017 By Angela Skulteti

How Clean is your Social Media Footprint? - Princeton Consulting

What you reveal to the world on social media becomes a tool for employers to form opinions about you, and if you’re not careful, could possibly cost you a job. This happens whether you know it, like it, or agree to it. Once you publish data about yourself to a public forum it is no longer your property and privacy laws are forever changing.

Companies doing background checks are typically searching for aggressive or violent acts or assertions, unlawful activity, and discriminatory or sexually explicit activity, but beware...they can also be looking for offensive language, poor grammar or references to drug use, and this doesn’t end once you start your job.

Strongly consider what you post and monitor what you are tagged in on your social media. Take these steps to protect yourself:

  1. Set strict privacy controls where possible (be aware this doesn’t fully protect you)
  2. Use the Grandparent rule – If it’s not fit for Grandparents’ eyes, it’s not fit for your employer’s – don’t post it
  3. Be sure any photo that can be searched by a search engine is professional 
  4. Remove tags from photos that are questionable and tell friends to be respectful when tagging, monitor this activity
  5. Separate your Social Media Sites. Use discretion when connecting with business contacts on non-professional social media sites. General rule of thumb would be to keep professional contacts for LinkedIn.  As friendly as your coworkers may be – they are not your friends!

Our world is far more transparent – be sure your social footprint reveals the person you want employers to see.