Tech Jobs in NYC, Part 1

Posted on January 30, 2018

 Tech Jobs in NYC, Part 1 - Princeton Consulting

Why it’s the Best Time of Year for Job Hunting (and what the new salary law does for job search candidates!

It’s been two months since the new salary law in New York City came into effect on November 1st, 2017, and it’s been buzzed about as a game changer for the hiring process. Employers are now banned from asking about a topic most candidates wish to avoid: salary history.

So what does this mean for job search candidates in NYC? If you’re currently looking for a new job, you’re in the right place at the right time. It’s the best time of year for hiring, the IT/tech field is booming, and the new salary law is opening doors for career growth.

When to look: Now

The first two months of the year is the best time for job searching and hiring. A lot of people looking to make a job change decide to wait it out through December, when annual bonuses are paid out, and then begin to look in January. Companies are aware of this trend, and with fresh hiring budgets in hand, they can move forward with opening positions and scheduling interviews that were delayed from November and December.

What to look for: IT/Tech Jobs

In our last blog, we shared that the New York & New Jersey metro area is a hotbed of opportunities for IT/tech jobs. New York’s tech sector is the third largest in the country and the biggest tech hub on the East Coast. In fact, it’s quite possible that New York City could overtake Silicon Valley as America’s major tech hub.

With the new salary law in play, New York offers further appeal to candidates in the tech world. Millennials, setting themselves apart by their clear defined use and grasp of technology, grew up in the digital age and are now at the forefront of the tech industry. As recent graduates and young professionals just starting their careers, the salary law is a welcome innovation to a generation that is reshaping the workplace.

In the NYC tech world, all candidates stand to benefit from location, constant opportunities, and no longer being tied to previous earnings on the path to career growth.

How to Approach The Interview Process

While salary history is now absent from the discussion, remember that salary is only one piece of the interview process, and only one factor in finding the best career opportunity. During interviews, expect that employers will put more focus on other factors when asking about salary expectations. To show your strengths as a candidate, be ready to place emphasis on years of experience, skills, and qualifications. In fact, with pay history no longer being a factor, this is the best time to evaluate your skill set, invest time into improving your strengths, and take new opportunities that will lead to further professional growth.   

Your Next Step:

NYC is ripe with hiring opportunities, but it’s also ripe with competition. While conducting your job search, The Princeton Group is a valuable resource for assessing your skills and understanding what factors are driving your career path. Contact us today for an initial technical screening process.

In Part 2 of this blog, we cover tech jobs in NYC and the impact of the salary law from an employer standpoint. Stay tuned for more key insights into the NYC job market, the tech industry, career information, and more from The Princeton Group!