DevOps Engineer

Requirements: AWS, ci/cd, Devops, docker, kubernetes, Python

Location:New York, NY

Job Type:Full Time

Salary: $120k - $150k

Description of Responsibilities

This is an amazing opportunity for a devops engineer to join a 4 person team focused on implementing a CI/CD platform internally.  In this role, you will work closely with the data science team, enabling a scalable infrastructure for the large data pipeline.  

  • Collaborate closely with the Data Engineering team
    • Building scalable infrastructure for terabyte scale data pipelines
    • Supporting data management/onboarding and integrating with third party data vendors
  • Implement and drive DevOps culture, implement industry best practices
    • Capacity and cost planning
    • Security best practices (IAM, secrets management)


  • Requirements:
    • AWS management – IAM, EC2, S3
    • Experienced in at least 2-3 out of:
  • EMR
  • CloudFormation Templates
  • CloudWatch
  • Redshift
  • RDS
  • ECS/Batch
  • Shell scripting (bash) + at least one higher level language (Python, Ruby, etc)
  • Version control (git)
  • Containerization (Docker)
  • Continuous integration system (at least one of TeamCity, AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline)
  • UNIX management
  • SQL (at least one of Redshift, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, etc.)
  • Four Year Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or related

If interested, please send resumes to

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