Jim Morris


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Jim Morris is a Senior Vice President and Owner of the Princeton Consulting who is still actively involved in research, recruiting and coaching of our young talent.

Being in the IT recruiting space for many years I have witnessed dramatic change in Technology.  The positions we currently fill in today’s IT world being substantially different from those in past years but the actual job of recruiting has remained very similar. The constant being, remaining focused on the intimate personal side of the business by understanding, guiding, advising and listening to the needs of both our clients and candidates.

After all these years, Jim continues to receive satisfaction and excitement when aligning the candidate with the right fit client and being able to watch them flourish going forward in their career.

Jim Morris is cum laude graduate of the esteemed Slippery Rock University with a BS in Exercise Physiology. An avid outdoor sports enthusiast that enjoys kite boarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, water skiing, surfing and participating in triathlons.